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Cambodia MotorBike Tours

Welcome to our fleet .  Perfect for riding the trails through the Kingdom of Cambodia .   In Cambodia big dirtbikes & ADV bikes are a rarity, as most locals go about their daily routines on scooter . 
We draw a lot of attention from the very welcoming & friendly locals, as we make our way through the most remote regions. infact some areas the locals rarely see people from the outside world, its a truly incredible experience.

  CMT fleet of includes ADV-Honda Rally & enduro WR's KTM & Husky 250.350.450cc kept in excellent condition, all fully serviced & maintained to western standards  

CMT Event Tours carry reserve bikes along with our trusty support truck which carry all our gear & spares and your baggage .

Moving into 2024 we are excited to introduce our new "Adventure Touring Fleet of Honda Rally's . geared for our easier touring ADV routes of Cambodia with a mix of country back roads.  perfect for riders who prefer ADV riding
As with all our tours we recommend advance booking which can be started by getting in touch via our contact us on this website .

Honda Rally


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