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Tour Dates:

- September 10th- 17th, 2024

- September 10th- 17th, 2025


For The EXPERIENCED Trail Rider!!

Join us and like minded riders and we head deep beyond the map and explore parts rarely seen by the out side world . This is a riders ride .   This fully supported tour is jammed packed with extras along with quality overnight stays. including  one night pre & post tour accommodation .   Limited seats so book early .


9th Sept . 6pm Welcome drink  Detailed Riders Breifing

Day 1 : Phnom Penh adventure  

Phnom Penh adventure.jpg
Good Morning Phnom Penh .  Jump aboard our awaiting  Chauffeur  driven Tuk Tuks. We scoot through  the bustling streets of downtown Phnom Penh and out to the Killing Fields, a dark reminder of Cambodia’s grizzly and unfortunate recent history, and yes its confronting, but gives you an understanding of the local Khmer peoples incredible resilience, which makes their ever smiling faces even more beautiful given your new found knowledge of their past hardships!   You will experience both the Killing Fields, a place of horror littered with the bones of shattered lives, and the stories of unthinkable brutality & what’s known as S21, the former high school turned into a torture and interrogation centre of the Pol Pot regime . We take a visit to a local gun shooting range. You can have a go at firing a AK47 or any number of guns on display. “Bullets at your expense”.  After lunch we return our hotel. for some R&R or enjoy a dip in the pool , checkout the local nearby markets,  the choice is yours . Early evening has us jumping aboard a  twilight river cruise, enjoy a cool beverage as we  navigate the mighty Mekong and Tonle Sap river , dinner is provided.  We return to the dock & hotel around 7pm . The night is your to enjoy .. keeping in mind its ride day tomorrow

Day 2 : Cambodia
Phnom Penh - Kampot (180km)

Phnom Penh - Kampot.jpg
Ride day .  8 am riding gear on, our bags and gear loaded in our support truck .  we head across to meet our awaiting bikes .  Our ride starts on the outskirts of Phnom Penh . We are soon on a mixture of roads and trails .  Heading south towards the coast of Cambodia . Passing lots of small rural villages along the way . Heaps to see and checkout . Rices fields and the simple way of traditional farming life . We ride into Kep “ the city of ghosts “ Kep is a peaceful fishing town . Keep an eye out for monkeys as we ride along the coast .  With a mix of trails we make a way across to Kampot located on the Praek Tuek River south east of Elephant Mountains .  We are welcomed by our friendly hotel staff. Just a short walk from our hotel is a number of great restaurants and bars overlooking the river . 

Day 3 : Cambodia
Kampot to Chi pat (200km)

Kampot to Chi pat.jpg
After a great night sleep its time to jump aboard our trusty steeds, today to ride across to the Chi-Phat commune located deep within the Cardamom mountains at Koh Kong Province, the commune consists of four villages, our ride includes a number of trails across a range of terrain. With some river crossing along the way . This is an action packed day as we venture deeper beyond the map . our overnight digs in the village is a great way to experience village life firsthand. 

Day 4 : Cambodia
Chi phat to Tatai (200km)

Chi phat to Tatai.jpg
We ride mixture of back tracks and dense jungle trails through some of wildest parts of Cambodia, you're often hear Gibbons calling from the tree tops. these jungle are home to many animals including Elephants and tigers . A big day of riding lots of smiles. We really are well beyond the map . Late afternoon has us arriving Tatai river and our eco resort . Located on the western edge of Cambodia, close to the Thai border, this rural village and its Cardamon Mountains back drop is picture prefect . Enjoy and swim and relax with the most epic vista . 

Day 5 : Cambodia
Tatai to  Pramaoy (175km)

Tatai to  Pramaoy.jpg
We say our goodbyes to our friendly hosts .  Saddle up as we heading on a stretch of tarmac that leads us to the ever changing road through the Cardamon Mountains. The road is always under different levels of construction . So never sure what to expect each trip . Often the road can we washed out making it for some added adventure . Pending access . We have a chat to the locals to see our options on riding the tiger trail. This single tail takes us deep inside a lush green tropical jungle . Afternoon has us arriving into Pramaoy a rural Commune with a population of around 7000 . Kick off boots . Enjoy and ice cold beverage !  Our overnight stay is all about hanging out with the locals . Great food and embracing our superb adventure .

Day 6 : Cambodia
Pramaoy to Battambang

Pramaoy to Battambang.jpg
We ride a mix of trails through some very poor rural villages, simple  farming is the main way of life in these parts . With river crossings along the way to pay a visit to the killing cave .  as we ride northwest towards Battambang foundered in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire, afternoon has a rolling through the back streets into Battambang  located on the Sangkae River, French Colonial architecture is a notable aspect of the city . Welcomed by our comfortable hotel and pool . Lots of bars and restaurants . Book a massage and relax ..  the esky by the pool is always popular .   

Day 7 : Cambodia
Battambang to Siem Reap (200km)

Battambang to Siem Reap.jpg
Be awakened by the sound of music from the nearby ancient temples . Its well worth enjoying early walk thought the laneways to enjoy the morning hustle and bustle .  We say our good byes to our trusty steeds . from here we jump aboard our private bus for the straight road stretch across to Siem Reap .   Home to the largest temple complex on earth . Siem Reap in the second largest city of Cambodia . But feels like a large country down .  On our aircon journey we stop to checkout some interesting sights .  Arriving into Siem Reap we are welcomed to our great resort and home for the next 2 nights .  

Day 8 : Cambodia
Siem Reap - temple

Siem Reap - temple.jpg
Chilled start to the day . Enjoy breakfast by the pool .  Before we embark on our journey out to the temples . The ruins of Angkor !  . the seat of the Khmer Kingdom from the 9th-15th centuries.  Angkor’s vast complex of intricate stone buildings  includes preserved Angkor Wat . The main temple, which is pictured on Cambodia’s flag . We also pay a visit to the local landmine museum .  Afternoon have us back to our digs . Hang by the pool or  into pub street and local  markets ..  this is our final evening of this truly incredible adventure  .


  • Adventure starts from capital,
    Phnom Penh


  • Remote riding through rural Cambodia

  • Ride the lost trails to Angkor

  • Visit the sobering ‘Killing Fields’, Gun Range , S21 Tuoi Sleng , twilight Mekong RiverCruise

  • Visit the famed temples of Angkor Wat

  • Explore the ‘City of Ghost’ and the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge

  • Dine the famous Khmer foods .

  • River crossings & remote jungle trails!

  • Discover traditional villages rarely seen by the outside world

  • Quality overnight stays in the most incredible locations

  • Ranked in the top 5 best rides on earth  

  • WaterRaft  River crossings, bammboo bridges

  • stay in a ECO village on the Tai Ta River



  • Our Enduro fleet privately owned fleet of WR's. KTM's .Husky”s 250-350-450 are perfect for the job of exploring this remarkable kingdom and jungle trails, here in Cambodia with a mix of durability and performance.

  • Our ADV Adventure bike fleet.  Honda CRF & Rally 250-300cc  proven and tested as the perfect bike for our Adventure tours 

  • Professonal  Motorcycle Guides/Hosts & Mechanics /Sweep Riders. 

  • Quality 4WD Support Vehicles.

  • Secure Baggage Transfers , bike Spare Parts..

  • Back-Up/spare Motorcycles!
    (Limited seats available in 4x4 for non-riders) 

  • Quality Twinshare accommodation including bonus "one night Pre & Post Tour accom” CMT provides excellent overnighters in the most incredible locations . Features include; Private Bathrooms, AirCon. Many also have pools. & wifi (Single Room Upgrade available for $55 USD per room, per night)

  • ALL entry and toll fees for sightseeing and temple exploration as per itinerary

  • Breakfast & Lunch Daily (please advise for special dietary requirements)

  • Endless supply of cool bottled water, fresh fruits and snacks

  • All Fuel Costs & Mechanical Support

  • 24hr Back-to-Base Support and First aid equipment

  • Free Wifi stay connected on tour .  

  • Detailed Map of Cambodia & CMT T-Shirt!

    Your Adventure with us is changing lives across Cambodia. part-profits donated to the social enterprise   Global Village Housing  A grassroots home gifting program, created by founder Jason Thatcher, with over 610 homes gifted & counting . Along with medical aid and school rebuilding programs . 


  • International Flights

  • Travel Insurance - Mandatory
    (must cover off-road motorcycling in Asia) not all travel insurance covers for riding overseas , so please check and be sure you have the correct cover . Ask us who we recommend for travel insurance 

  • Tourist Visa  on line visa .  “ "

  • Motorbike Riding Gear
    Bring suitable motorcycling riding gear 

  • Evening Meal & Drinks
    (average cost: meal - $5-$10 drinks/beers - $1.00 each 


Cambodia MotorBike Tours | CMT are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure touring, exploring the wild side of the real Cambodia!! 

Limited places, so book early!​


Are you “READY” for the ride of your life?


Your Adventure with us is changing lives across Cambodia. part-profits donated to the social enterprise   Global Village Housing  A grassroots home gifting program, created by founder Jason Thatcher, with over 610 homes gifted and counting . Along with medical aid and school rebuilding programs . 

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