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Super Adventure ride Cambodia

9 days of incredible adventure exploring the very best of Cambodia


Super Adventure ride Cambodia_map.png

$3,500.00 USD
per rider

(invite your friends as group
discounts apply)

Tour Dates:

- 2nd- 10th January 2024

- 3rd - 11th November 2024

- 2nd- 10th January 2025

- 3rd - 11th November 2025


Welcome to Super Adventure ride Cambodia

9 days of incredible adventure exploring the very best of Cambodia . we venture deep in regions and way of life rarely seen by the outside world. we ride beyond the map and far beyond the traps and mainstream tourism. this fully supported turn key tour CMT tours are designed for experienced riders seeking the ultimate adventure .

This fully supported turn key tour comes jammed packed with extras including one night pre & post tour accommodation. Honda CRF Rally motorcycle. fuel & mechanical support . backup 4x4 truck for baggage and spares  . expert motorcycle guides & support crew . brea
kfast, lunch , quality overnight stays in the most incredible locations "twin-share" with single room upgrades available. all entrance tickets . wifi and back to base 24 hr support .   CMT is a proud supporter of Global
Village Housing . transforming lives across Cambodia



Day 1
Phnom Penh City tour.

Day 1a :

Good morning Phnom Penh!!
After a hearty buffet breakfast at our 4 star hotel, a fleet of Tuk Tuk’s , Cambodia’s version of a Rickshaw or Bemo, will carry you into the outskirts of the city for a lesson in Cambodia’s grizzly and unfortunate recent history, and yes it’s confronting, but it gives you an understanding of the local Khmer people’s incredible resilience, which makes their ever smiling faces even more beautiful given your new found knowledge of their past hardships!


You will experience both S28, the former highschool turned torture and interrogation centre of the Pol Pot regime and also the infamous Killing Fields, a place of horror littered with the bones of shattered lives, and the story’s of unthinkable brutality and heartbreak.


Day 2a :

After lunch and refreshments , those who wish can visit the local shooting range and unleash all variety of machine guns, pistols, even rocket launchers and hand grenades - usually done with a beer in hand! Cambodia really is a ‘can do’ country like no other!
(Note: the cost of the ammunition is not included in tour package! )

If that’s not your thing, return to the hotel for a relaxing massage or quick nap, in preparation for our sunset boat cruise which , amidst the cooler evening air, navigates the waters of the mighty Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, offering unparalleled views of the ever expanding city- scape of this emerging metropolis, and the contrasting life of the simple river fisherman plying their trade dawn till dusk and their run down shanty homes on the opposing

Some cold beers, snacks and a tall stories from everyone, then casually float back to dock.


Day 2
Phnom Penh to Kratie  245km

Ride day ! . rider briefing . with our bags loaded in our trusty support 4x4 . we are soon on our way . ride through the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, to meet our awaiting ferry to cross the mighty Mekong . these busy ferry's jammed locals going about their daily routine. its at that moment realization kicks in, this really is some real deal adventure. We attract a certain amount of attention on our Adventure bikes . which are considered big among the local scooters . we will most likely be the only westerners onboard . its a great way to experience local life firsthand .

today ride has us riding though rural country back roads hugging the banks of the Mekong as we edge our way north through traditional villages that line the river. the local people this area are known as the charm people .  Kratie is famed for fresh water dolphins that inhabit this part of the Mekong river. we do often seem them so keep an eye out ..  our over night stay over looks the mighty Mekong.  enjoy the sunset vista with an ice cold beverage.  dinner isright next to he hotel ..


Day 3 Kratie to Mondulkiri  208km

Good morning Cambodia .  sunrise morning stroll checkout some of the local markets . good breakfast at hotel . 8.30 helmets on .. back in the saddle we head east into the mountainous highlands of Mondulkiri close to the Vietnam border . along the way keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, often seen in the jungle trees . Mondulkiri is the most sparsely populated province in the country despite being the largest in land area. 


we are welcomed by the smiling faces of locals and waving children as we ride through this region. home to the Bunong people who have resided in the province for about 2000 years .   over nightlodgings is an eco resort with very comfortable private cabins, compete with a welcoming restaurant,bar and swimming pool .


Day 4  Mondulkiri to Stung Treng 300km

Today we are riding north through the  Ratanakiri province, regarded as one of the least developed provinces of Cambodia, the geography of Ratanakiri province is diverse, encompassing rolling hills,mountains, plateaus, lowlands watersheds, and crater lakes, two major rivers, Tonie San and Tonie Srepok , nearly half of Ratanakiri has been set aside in protected areas.  along the way we pass a number of indigenous communities  many are extremely poor and the way of life seems unchanged for centuries.   we swing past a village school to say hello and pass on some welcomed gifts . 

lunch in Rattanakiri before we ride west towards the Stung Treng province, bordering Laos to the north. the province features three big rivers, the Sekong river, the Siem Pang and the Mekong with its hundreds of small islands scattered on the river stretch. Stung Treng's economy is solely based on agriculture.  we venture onto dirt-road  through a small village to be welcomed by our resort style bungalows a hidden gem nestled along the Mekong river, picturesque surroundings incredible sunsets backed with a chilled beverage fantastic food .


Day 5 Stung Treng to Preah Vihear  245 km

After a great nights rest, its time to jump aboard our trusty steeds for another day of epic adventure. a welcoming ride through the village lined with wooden huts wondering buffalo's and kids walking to school .
lots of waves and hellos! further ahead our first stop is Sopheakmit Waterfall. these waterfalls form a natural border, sitting slap bang on the Cambodian-Laos frontier, the upper Mekong waterfall is a spectacle to behold, as its turquoise-blue stream cascades .



lunch in a local restaurant and while still in Cambodia many of the local people originated from Laos .we ride to a land filled with mystery and conflict .  Preah Vinhear is a province in the northern boundary forms part of Cambodia's international border with Thailand and Laos .  we ride up to explore the Preah Vihear Temple an ancient Khmer Hindu temple and is on top of a 525-metre cliff in the Dangrek Mountains . listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . dates back to the ninth century .  late afternoon has us arriving to next overnight stop with a welcoming pool and timefor a chilled beverage .


Day 6  Preah Vihear to Siem Reap . 210 km

winding our way down from the most Northern reaches of Cambodia . passing through farmland villages and vistas of endless rice-fields, farmers tending crops. we become a threaded blend into the life of
Cambodia . while the road might be straight there's no shortage of interesting sites and stops along the way ... we roll into the second largest city of Cambodia. welcome to Siem Reap .



with its blend of French and Chinese style architecture. Siem Reap serves as a gateway town to the world heritage site of Angkor Wat. the city has regularly ranked in top ten for best destinations.  its filled with barsrestaurants and day spas. markets  selling traditional homemade wares .  we check into a hidden oasis complete with a pool .  time to relax and enjoy Siem Reap .


Day 7 .  Siem Reap - Angkor Wat

R&R today is a chilled pace but no shortage of adventure . while our bikes get break & get serviced .  we have an expert temple guide joining us, we jump aboard our Tuk Tuks, its time to see the extraordinary marvel of Angkor.


considered the largest religious structure in the world. its truly amazing.  afternoon has back in time to enjoy the pool, get a massage. explore the towns cafes , bars and restaurants.


Day 8 Siem Reap to Kampong Thom . 150 km

Good morning Siem Reap . Enjoy a later start today before Helmets on !   we make our way through the bustling streets of Siem Reap heading south to Kampong Thom. a picturesque town on the banks of the Stung Saen River.



todays journey offers plenty of stops to check some local sites  . including one of the many stone carving business . where they transform a large rocks in the a finely carved statues .  arriving to our hotel complete with pool and bar service .


Day 9 Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh .  180 km

we are on our final leg of this incredible journey across Cambodia. with our final return destination insight, Phnom Penh . taking in the many interesting stops along the way, including one that has Tarantulas on the menu . give it a try or simply take a pic we leave that up to you . the traffic slowly builds as we edge closer to the capital . we are well use to the riding here and have become one with the friendly locals .



enjoying this very unique part of the world . the Kingdom of wonder Cambodia sure does deliver when it comes to adventure.  We arrive back to comforts of our hotel for a final night stay on this grand adventure.



  • Our Enduro fleet privately owned fleet of WR's. KTM's .Husky”s 250-350-450 are perfect for the job of exploring this remarkable kingdom and jungle trails, here in Cambodia with a mix of durability and performance.

  • Our ADV Adventure bike fleet.  Honda CRF & Rally 250-300cc  proven and tested as the perfect bike for our Adventure tours 

  • Professonal  Motorcycle Guides/Hosts & Mechanics /Sweep Riders. 

  • Quality 4WD Support Vehicles.

  • Secure Baggage Transfers , bike Spare Parts..

  • Back-Up/spare Motorcycles!
    (Limited seats available in 4x4 for non-riders) 

  • Quality Twinshare accommodation including bonus "one night Pre & Post Tour accom” CMT provides excellent overnighters in the most incredible locations . Features include; Private Bathrooms, AirCon. Many also have pools. & wifi (Single Room Upgrade available for $55 USD per room, per night)

  • ALL entry and toll fees for sightseeing and temple exploration as per itinerary

  • Breakfast & Lunch Daily (please advise for special dietary requirements)

  • Endless supply of cool bottled water, fresh fruits and snacks

  • All Fuel Costs & Mechanical Support

  • 24hr Back-to-Base Support and First aid equipment

  • Free Wifi stay connected on tour .  

  • Detailed Map of Cambodia & CMT T-Shirt!

    Your Adventure with us is changing lives across Cambodia. part-profits donated to the social enterprise   Global Village Housing  A grassroots home gifting program, created by founder Jason Thatcher, with over 610 homes gifted & counting . Along with medical aid and school rebuilding programs . 


  • International Flights

  • Travel Insurance - Mandatory
    (must cover off-road motorcycling in Asia) not all travel insurance covers for riding overseas , so please check and be sure you have the correct cover . Ask us who we recommend for travel insurance 

  • Tourist Visa  on line visa .  “ "

  • Motorbike Riding Gear
    Bring suitable motorcycling riding gear 

  • Evening Meal & Drinks
    (average cost: meal - $5-$10 drinks/beers - $1.00 each 


Cambodia MotorBike Tours | CMT are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure touring, exploring the wild side of the real Cambodia!! 

Limited places, so book early!​


Are you “READY” for the ride of your life?


Your Adventure with us is changing lives across Cambodia. part-profits donated to the social enterprise   Global Village Housing  A grassroots home gifting program, created by founder Jason Thatcher, with over 610 homes gifted and counting . Along with medical aid and school rebuilding programs . 

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